Who we are

We are Laura and Luke King (and Frankie the Cockerspaniel)

We kept seeing honeymoon travel videos and thought how nice it would be to just send it to someone and have them book our trip for us. You can guess what happened next #buglifetravelything.

We have always had a love for travel, and the pandemic only heightened our need for adventure– so we promised ourselves that when the world opened up again we would see it all – from the beach views to the snowy mountains and all the cities in between.

So, fancy a trip somewhere?

Send us a link and don’t forget to pack your charger, we will take care of everything.

What we do

We take care of everything, if you see a vlog/tiktok/reel (just about anything that makes you say ‘WOW’) send us the link.

It helps to add info into the box below.

Where to go

Work with us

Hello future travel buddies!

Are you interested in joining the Bug Life Team? if so, send your CV and cover letter to *insert email here*

If you would like to see our current vacancies they are listed here *this will be the link*

If you are a content creator and would like to collab with us, please send us an email with links to your social media


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Laura and Luke x